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Full consulting services for online data capture, delivery, and analysis.
  • Surveys / Polls
  • Tests with Automated Scoring
  • Recreation and Event Signup Forms
  • Employment / Subcontractor Applications
  • Registration Forms
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Order Forms
We provide more than just software - We create and host surveys and forms for you.  Your data collection projects are created and deployed quickly.  Results are visible in real-time both online, via email, and our mobile apps.

Our advanced software can shorten respondent completion time by utilizing branch and skip logic to avoid asking irrelevant questions.

Full Service Survey & Form Design, Deployment, and Analysis
Professional surveys, tests, signup forms, polls, employment applications, registration forms or virtually any other forms can be created and deployed online with same-day service in many cases.  Send us your requirements and we'll design the forms, publish them online, then collect and analyze the data.  We can present the results online, via email and/or via mobile apps, near real-time using basic graphical charts.  The detailed data can be viewed, filtered, and sorted as necessary, and even exported to excel or other file formats.

Advanced data integrations are possible; connect to our services to push forms and pull data for real-time integration.

Contact us for pricing information.
Works with Existing Web Sites & No Software to Install or Download
The software application is hosted online and available 24/7. No hosting or web site design required - You can link directly to your surveys or forms from your existing web site or social media pages, or send invitations to your surveys via email or via our mobile apps. Vanity domains can be used to direct respondents to your surveys.

If you have an email distribution list, have us broadcast emails to your list with links to your forms and surveys.  Our software includes built-in message list management.

Contact us for pricing information.
View Results 'Live', via Website, Email, or our Mobile Apps
The results of your survey can be viewed in real-time and automatically sent to you via email. Basic tabulation and charting included. Results can also be exported for use with analysis software or a data processing vendor.
Competitive pricing packages are available. Whether you have a one-time project or several projects, contact us today for pricing information.

Release 2017 R1

  • Integration with Paypal
  • Mobile Apps

For our self-service clients, 2017 R1 has been released. The user guide can be downloaded here.
Advanced Features
16 Standard Question Types
Multiple Choice, Drop-down List, Open-ended Text Entry, Check all that Apply, Rating Scale, Matrix, Drop-down Number, Name, Address, Zip Code, Phone Number, and many more question types are available. If a question type does not suit your needs, a new one can be created and added to our feature list.
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Graphics, Logos, and Pictures
Add your company logo on each page, header and/or footers, and graphics on questions and answers. You can change the background color of each page, the font color, button color, and more.
Multiple Page Surveys
You control how many pages your survey runs, and which question(s) appear on each page. There is no limit to the number of pages.
Branch / Skip Logic
You can hide or show questions based on previous answers using AND and OR logic. You can also branch or skip to a question based on answers. This allows you to ask only questions that are necessary, resulting in quicker respondent completion time, and higher respondent yield.
Data Capture
We capture IP Address, individual respondent time-to-completion, and assign each respondent a unique identifier. This helps eliminate duplicates and inaccurate data. We also capture answers to each question and store it for download at any time during or after the survey completion. You can download the data into Microsoft Excel or other data processing program.
Random Question Pooling
Your surveys or tests can be configured to ask a minimum number of questions from a 'question pool', and a survey or test can have multiple question pools. This is useful for testing users with seemingly random questions asked, and different users taking the same test might not be asked the same questions.
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Respondent Limit
You can shut off your surveys when a specified number of respondents have completed the survey, and/or on a specific date and time.
Web Site Integration
Already have a web site? Add a survey to it! You can insert a survey right into your web page(s) without any additional programming or software installation. The survey seamlessly integrates into your web site, providing a professional and clean look and feel.
URL Redirection
When the survey is complete and/or after each page answered, you can have our software redirect the respondent back to your site, or any other URL, including another survey.
"Test" Modes
Create online tests and score the results. Use any combination of standard question types and indicate the correct answers. Each test is scored against the answer key. Configurable minimum passing score with optional time limit to completion.
Participant Restriction Modes
Generate unique "codes" to allow only authorized voters/participants to fill out a survey and limit users from voting/participating more than once. This feature works in either 'anonymous' mode (user information not in system, only valid codes are in the system) or in user mode. Sending codes is simple and fast - using the integrated email list feature, codes can be emailed directly to many users at once.
Advanced Integration
Survey creation can be automated and integrated with external systems using XML files or flat file formats. Delivery of results can be automated by pushing data in XML or flat file formats.
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